Advantages Of Physiotherapy In Today’s Era

Physical therapy is for people of all ages, who have physical disabilities, illnesses, and injuries that restrict their ability to move or function.

A personalized physical therapy program can help people return to their former level of functioning. It can also encourage lifestyle changes and activities that can help prevent further injury. Physical therapy is often referred to by primary care physicians when there is a problem. It is considered a conservative method of managing problems. You may be wondering what physical therapy is all about.


Reduce Pain Or Eliminate It. Treatments such as massage, soft tissue mobilization, and ultrasound can relieve pain and help restore muscle and joint function. They can prevent your pain from coming back.

Avoid Surgery. If physical therapy can help you relieve pain or heal from injuries, then surgery may not be necessary. You may also benefit from pre-surgery, even if you need surgery. You will often recover quicker from surgery if you are stronger and healthier than before. You can save money on your healthcare costs by not having to have surgery.

Enhance Mobility. No matter your age, physical therapy may be able to help you. You can improve your mobility by strengthening and stretching. Physical therapists can help people fit crutches, canes, or other assistive devices or prescribe orthotics. You can practice any activity you find most important in your life and adapt it to maximize safety and performance.

It Is Possible To Recover From A Stroke. Stroke can cause some movement and function loss. Physical therapy strengthens weak areas of the body and improves gait and balance. Physical therapists can improve stroke patients’ mobility and ability to move in bed. This will allow them to be more independent and less dependent on others for daily activities like dressing, toileting, and bathing.

Prevent Or Recover From A Sports-Related Injury. Physical therapists know how different sports can increase your chances of suffering injuries, such as stress fractures for runners. They can create the best recovery or prevention programs for your sport to help ensure that you return safely to it.

If you are at risk of falling, your therapists will use exercises to challenge your balance and simulate real-life situations. Therapists will also provide exercises that improve coordination and assistive equipment to make it safer to walk. Physical therapists can perform certain maneuvers that can restore vestibular functioning and help with balance issues.

Manage Diabetes & Vascular Conditions. Diabetes patients may also experience sensation problems in their feet or legs. To prevent future complications, physical therapists can educate patients about proper foot care.

Manage Your Age-Related Issues. As we age, people may experience arthritis or osteoporosis. Physical therapists have the expertise to help patients recover from joint replacement and manage osteoporotic or arthritic conditions conservatively.

Take Control Of Your Heart And Lung Diseases. If you have difficulty with your daily life, you may be eligible for physical therapy. Physical therapy can improve quality and function for patients suffering from pulmonary problems.

Management Of Women’s Health, And Other Conditions. Specific health issues are common for women, such as those associated with pregnancy and postpartum care. Physical therapists can provide specialized care for issues related to women’s health. PTs can also offer specialized treatment for Bowel problems, breast cancer, constipation.

NDIS Physiotherapy Providers

Gen Physio, a fully-accredited NDIS Physiotherapy Provider, is passionate about helping clients with disabilities. Our physios have a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of people with disabilities. We communicate well and provide treatment that is both warm and caring.

NDIS offers support to participants with significant disabilities and their families. Gen Physio experts are skilled in the development of skills for people living with a disability, and in increasing their ability to participate in work-life and community life.

Our clients with disabilities can choose to have their appointments at home or in a clinic, depending on what they prefer and need.