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Six Reasons Women Should See A Urologist

Urologists are not just for men. This doctor may also be needed for women. The majority of problems that affect the urinary system are treated by urologists. This system includes muscles, tubes, and organs such as the kidneys. Both men and women can also be treated by urologists for problems in their reproductive system.

A urogynecologist is a doctor who treats women. This is a specialist gynecologist who specializes in the treatment of bladder control issues and other conditions that affect the female reproductive system, urinary tract, and pelvic organ prolapse.

There are several warning signs that indicate problems with the urinary tract.

  • Bloody urine
  • Urinary urges are frequent
  • Leaking urine
  • Pain in your back or sides
  • Urination pain or burning

These symptoms could indicate the need for a urologist, or urogynecologist such as Dr. Peter Lotze. The following are common urinary problems among women:

Infections of the Urinary Tract

Most women will experience a UTI (urinary tract infection) sometime in their life. When bacteria get into the urinary tract, an infection occurs. UTI sufferers may feel the urge to go to the toilet, but have difficulty urinating.

Bladder Control Issues

All ages of women can experience problems with bladder control. This is urinary dysfunction (UI). This is a common problem in women. This problem is twice as common in women than it is in men.

Women with UI might have difficulty holding urine in their bladder, especially if they sneeze, cough, or exercise. When the muscles supporting the bladder become weak, stress UI may develop.

There are other conditions that could cause bladder control problems.

Hyperactive bladder. Women experience strong urges to urinate. Even if the bladder is empty, this can happen.

OverflowUI. The bladder doesn’t empty completely so urine leaks out.

Treatments for bladder control may include:

  • Exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles
  • Medication
  • Implanted devices and injections
  • Surgery

Fallen Bladder

This happens when the bladder descends into the genital area. Cystocele, as it is medically known, is the name of this condition. Bladder prolapse, another name for it, is another. This can happen when the bladder wall is weak. It is most commonly seen after having children. This can happen even after lifting heavy objects. It is possible for the bladder to sink into the vaginal canal by having chronic coughing or obesity. Hormonal changes and age increase the risk. Surgery can correct a fallen bladder.

Painful Bladder Syndrome

Interstitial cystitis is the medical name for painful bladder syndrome. It can cause discomfort in the bladder and lower abdomen. Some women may feel the need for urination up to 60 times per day. Women may avoid social events and travel far from their homes. It may seem like their bladder is full all the time.

Urinary Stones

Urine can contain substances that combine to form bladder stones ( kidney stones). The stones can cause urine to look or smell different, and urine may contain blood. These are the tubes that transport urine from the bladder to the kidneys.


Breast cancer can be found in many parts of the urinary system, including:

  • Bladder or its Lining
  • Kidneys
  • Urethra: The tube that transports urine out from the body.

Urinary tract cancer can lead to low back and urination pain, as well as blood in the urine. It is possible for women to have to use the toilet more frequently than normal. There are many treatment options available for cancer, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

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