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Within the realm of health, we strive to provide our audience with material that is above and above the norm. Because of this, we are always looking for fresh authors that have a distinct point of view that they can share regarding their work. We encourage all freelance writers to provide unique content in the form of guest blogs to geohealthwestafrica.org.com. Topics of interest include health and wellness, wellness promotion, and health care goods.

Please let us know if you are an expert on any of the following themes for ‘Health Write for Us’ or if you have anything else new to offer to the conversation.

  • Health of the Mind
  • Men Health
  • Exercise and Good Health
  • Concerning Public Health
  • Health Care Through Electronic Means
  • Well-Being of Women
  • Health of Children
  • Notes on Good Health
  • Health of the Family

If you have an interest in health and fitness and believe that you have the experience, education, and expertise necessary to write on such subjects, we would be thrilled if you could let us know about your qualifications to do so. You are welcome to share your ideas and opinions with us regarding these themes, and once we have evaluated them, we will provide you with our feedback.

Criteria For Acceptance Into The Guest Blogging Program

At Geohealthwestafrica.org, we have stringent standards by which we will evaluate your write-up, and if it meets these requirements, we will give it the green light.

  1. The article that is being submitted must be an original piece of written work.
  2. The article needs to be at least 500 words long.
  3. The article cannot include any grammatical faults; thus, it has to be reviewed before being sent to us.
  4. The write-up may include three to four pertinent photographs.
  5. The articles have to have the appropriate formatting, which means that they have to include headings, brief paragraphs, and bullet points in the appropriate places.
  6. You are allowed to include one do-follow link in the article that points to your website or a blog post of yours.

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