Essential Facts To Know About IQOS

The U.S. has recently permitted IQOS tobacco products to be sold. This has raised concerns about the introduction of another nicotine delivery method to the U.S. market, amid a growing youth e-cigarette epidemic.

Food and Drug Administration ruled Expert International was allowed to begin marketing and sales of the heat-not-burn product IQOS. This is the U.S.’s first such product. Also known as heated tobacco products, these electronic devices heat tobacco leaves and produce an inhalable airborne aerosol.

IQOS, although an electronic device is, is classified by FDA as a cigarette. It is therefore subject to all existing restrictions. Expert claims that these products offer safer alternatives to cigarettes. However, many things remain unknown about the device and its impact.

Here Are Important Facts About IQOS

  • IQOS Uses A Technology That Is Different From E-Cigarettes

Heat-not-burning products are distinct from e-cigarettes. This is because they use real tobacco and not the flavored E-liquid commonly found in electronic cigarettes. Heat-not Burn is the idea behind allowing users to enjoy what it feels like to smoke a regular tobacco cigarette but without inhaling combusted.

  •  There Is No Evidence That Heated Tobacco Products Are Safer Than Cigarettes

Tobacco companies claim their heat-not-burn products are less dangerous than cigarettes. This happens because when tobacco burns (or combusts), it produces more chemicals than the 7,000 found in cigarettes.

Expert claims IQOS can be less harmful than cigarettes. Although IQOS might have lower levels of some toxicants than cigarettes it can still expose its users to higher levels. IQOS could have lower risks of certain diseases, but greater risks for others.

  •  IQOS May Appeal Particularly To Youth

Truth Initiative(r), who studied IQOS, discovered that the product’s marketing portrays it as “sophisticated”, “high-tech,” and “aspirational” to young people.

Because there is a current youth e-cigarette epidemic and driven, the marketing of the product has been particularly troubling. E-cigarette use has increased, especially among young adults who have never smoked tobacco. The number of e-cigarettes used by high schoolers grew by 78% and 48% respectively among middle schoolers during just one year between 2017-18.

It found that IQOS, marketed similarly, is likely to appeal also to adolescents.

FDA has put restrictions on how IQOS is promoted, including through social media. They also require that advertising only be used for adults.

  • Heat Sticks May Be Strengthened By The Addition Of Menthol To Their Tobacco Cartridges

Expert plans to sell tobacco rolls resembling small cigarettes. Terea heatsticks will include flavor menthol. This flavor has been demonstrated to attract young smokers and make it easier to smoke. The FDA application did not include any information regarding the potential health effects of the menthol-based variant.

  • These Products Are Part Of The Industry’s Efforts At Dealing With Increased Regulation

Tobacco companies want to undermine government regulation. They use harm reduction claims as an approach to reframing the industry to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

The comment stated that heated tobacco products are the latest effort from tobacco companies, to adapt to changing regulatory landscapes to maintain and expand customer base amid declining social acceptance of tobacco usage and declining cigarette use. Companies market heated tobacco products in areas where there are no regulations or loopholes. They do this to increase public acceptance of their products.