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How much sleep do you really require?

Do you know how many hours of sleep you really need each night? We know that newborns need a lot of sleep, and even teenagers who are still growing require 9 or more hours. Many people imagine that as individuals become older, they would need less sleep. People in retirement may say that they just require 4 to 5 hours of sleep! However, all people, particularly those who use CPAP, should strive for 7 hours of sleep.

A recent study found that people who used a maskless CPAP machine were able to get more sleep than those who used a mask. They also experienced less daytime fatigue and improved breathing at night. If you are considering using a CPAP machine, it may be worth considering a maskless model.

Here are four suggestions to make your CPAP experience more bearable:

1. Ensure that your supplies are fresh so that they feel wonderful against your skin

When your materials get outdated, the treatment becomes less and less effective. Because this develops gradually over time, most people miss it. Instead, they will tighten their mask, even more, believing that a tighter seal is all that is required.

This eventually leads to over-tightening, which may produce discomfort, markings, and the uncomfortable “hot mask” sensation. The less comfortable your CPAP supplies are, the more difficult it is to maintain compliance and get your CPAP advantages. You may prevent this by replacing your supplies with new ones on a regular, insurance-backed timetable.

2. Have a machine that satisfies your requirements automatically without waking you up in the middle of the night

Your pressure requirements change during the night while you sleep. Newer CPAP machines are auto-titrating, which means they adapt to your demands breath by breath to provide the most effective pressure throughout the night. They also feature comfort settings that change automatically to keep you comfortable.

3. Keep your sinuses free by keeping your supplies clean

Bacteria accumulate on your mask every night and, if left there, might make you ill or damage the seal. Weak seals and CPAP diseases are significant obstacles to compliance, and the accompanying nasal pressure may cause headaches. As a result, keeping your mask and hose clean might mean the difference between ineffective and successful CPAP treatment. The CPAP cleaner has the following features to keep your supplies hygienic and fresh:

Ozone technology: Kills over 99 percent of dangerous viruses, germs, and mould

One-click cleaning: Simply push a button and let the sleep8 handle the rest.

Complete compatibility: Use with any mask and machine without the need for an adaptor.

4. Subscribe to your mask so you never run out

Regularly replacing your CPAP mask is a crucial aspect of your treatment. It is required for both cleanliness and to ensure that everything functions properly so that you have the finest CPAP experience possible. Subscribing to a mask ensures that you will get it automatically, as well as that it will:

• Keep you healthier: Reduces germs, bacteria, and viruses on your CPAP

• Extends the lifespan: No mask is wasted, and your treatment is more effective

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