A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Your Diabetic Test Strips

Living with diabetes can be an expensive proposition. One of the costs associated with diabetes management is the need for regular testing of blood glucose levels using test strips. However, sometimes people end up with an excess supply of these test strips due to changes in prescription or a change in their testing routine. In such cases, instead of discarding these test strips, one can sell them and recoup some of the costs associated with diabetes management. Here is a step-by-step guide to selling your diabetic test strips.

Step 1: Check The Expiration Date

The first step in selling your test strips is to check the expiration date. Many companies that buy test strips require that the strips have at least six months before they expire. If the expiration date is approaching, it may be difficult to sell the strips. Therefore, it’s essential to verify the expiration date before proceeding.

Step 2: Check The Brand And Model Of The Test Strips

The market price of diabetic test strips varies between different brands. Compare the test strips you have on hand to the market’s demand for various brands and models. To accomplish this, you can either look up places to buy test strips online or make contact with vendors in your area. As soon as you know the make and model of the test strips, you can set a fair price for them.

Step 3: Choose A Trustworthy Buyer

The next step in selling your test strips is to choose a trustworthy buyer. Many websites and companies buy diabetic test strips. However, not all of them are reliable. Before selling your test strips, ensure that you chose the best place to sell diabetic test strips and find a buyer that is trustworthy and has goodwill in the market. Check for reviews and feedback from other sellers to ensure that the buyer is legitimate.

Step 4: Package The Test Strips

After selecting a buyer, the next step is to package the test strips for shipping. Ensure that the test strips are properly sealed and protected from any damage during shipping. Most buyers provide shipping instructions and labels. To ensure a successful transaction, please follow these steps to the letter.

Step 5: Ship The Test Strips

Once the test strips are packaged, it’s time to ship them to the buyer. Ensure that you follow the shipping instructions carefully to avoid any delays or damage to the test strips during transit. Keep the information related to tracking the package because if there are any problems with your shipment, you will need the tracking number.

Step 6: Receive Payment

Once the buyer receives the test strips and verifies that they are in good condition, they will process the payment. Most buyers provide payment through PayPal or other online payment systems. Some buyers may offer other payment methods such as checks or direct deposit. Before finalizing the sale, make sure you’re happy with the method of payment.

Step 7: Dispose Of Any Unused Test Strips

After selling the test strips, dispose of any unused test strips appropriately. Most pharmacies or medical supply companies have a program for disposing of medical supplies. Alternatively, you can contact your local waste management facility for instructions on disposing of medical supplies.


Selling your diabetic test strips can be a great way to recoup some of the costs associated with diabetes management. However, it’s essential to follow the above steps carefully to ensure a smooth and safe transaction. Always choose a trustworthy buyer, package the test strips correctly, and follow the shipping instructions carefully. With these tips, you can sell your diabetic test strips with confidence and ease.