Ahead Of The Curve: Acquiring THC Seltzer Via The Internet 

The market has been tremendously impacted by the proliferation of THC-infused beverages in an era where convenience meets cannabis culture. In the realm of novel products, THC seltzer emerges as an invigorating and understated method of partaking in the medicinal properties of cannabis. Owing to the ease and accessibility provided by online purchasing, THC seltzer devotees can now procure a diverse selection of brands and varieties from the comfort of their personal residences. This article examines the world of purchasing THC seltzer via the Internet, detailing the procedure, factors to consider, and benefits for customers. 

Investigating The Digital Marketplace: 

An inherent advantage of purchasing THC seltzer online is the extensive assortment that is readily accessible. Specialized retailers and online dispensaries offer an extensive selection of brands, flavors, and potency levels to accommodate a broad spectrum of preferences. An extensive variety of products, including herbal infusions, floral mixtures, and classic flavors enhanced with THC, can be found on the online marketplace. 

Convenience And Discretion:

An additional advantage of procuring THC seltzer through online channels is the provision of convenience and privacy. Consumers can conveniently peruse product descriptions, reviews, and efficacy information with a few simple keystrokes, obviating the necessity of physically visiting a retail establishment. This degree of convenience is particularly attractive to those in search of a covert method to integrate cannabis into their daily lives without attracting unwarranted scrutiny. 

Educational Resources:

Online dispensaries frequently offer consumers valuable educational resources that assist them in making well-informed decisions regarding their purchases. By providing comprehensive product descriptions that detail the THC content and flavor profiles, as well as blog posts that address consumption methods and dosage guidelines, these resources enable consumers to confidently and knowledgeable navigate the realm of THC seltzer. 

Safety And Compliance With Regulations: 

It is critical to give utmost importance to safety and comply with local regulations when making an online purchase of THC seltzer. Reputable online dispensaries validate the potency and integrity of their products through rigorous quality control procedures, which include third-party laboratory testing. Additionally, they operate within the established legal framework for cannabis sales, assuaging consumers’ concerns regarding the safety and legality of the products. 

Customer Reviews And Feedback:

Access to user evaluations and feedback is one of the benefits associated with purchasing THC seltzer through an online platform. Consumers may view real-life experiences shared by other users in order to assess the efficacy, flavor, and quality of various products prior to making a purchase. This firsthand knowledge can be extraordinarily useful when selecting a THC seltzer that meets the expectations and preferences of the individual. 

Purchasing THC Seltzer Online: Suggestions 

Consider the following advice to optimize your online THC seltzer purchasing experience: 

  1. Examine online dispensaries that have established a track record of delivering products of exceptional quality and providing exceptional customer service.  
  2. Consult consumer reviews and product descriptions to identify THC seltzer brands and flavors that suit your tastes. 
  3. Verify dosage instructions and potency information to guarantee a pleasant and risk-free experience. 
  4. It is recommended to verify the authenticity of payment security protocols and choose a payment method that corresponds with one’s level of trust. 
  5. Familiarize oneself with the legal regulations that govern the sale of cannabis in one’s jurisdiction in order to ensure compliance. 
  6. Utilize online dispensaries to your advantage for any promotional offers, discounts, or loyalty programs that may be available. 


Cannabis devotees can benefit from a diverse, discrete, and expedient browsing experience when buy THC seltzer online. Consumers can conveniently investigate the realm of THC seltzer from the convenience of their residences, thanks to the extensive variety of brands, flavors, and potency levels accessible with a single click. Online consumers can confidently embrace the advantages of THC-infused beverages by placing safety as a top priority, conducting thorough product research, and utilizing educational resources. 

Empowering Confidence: How Masseter Botox Enhances Facial Proportions

People often look for different cosmetic treatments to improve their looks and boost their confidence in the quest for facial harmony and beauty. One such procedure gaining popularity is Masseter Botox, a treatment designed to address concerns related to jawline shape and size. This article explores the role of Masseter Botox in enhancing facial proportions and empowering individuals to feel more confident in their appearance.

Understanding Masseter Botox

One way to improve the look of the muscles on the sides of the mouth is to put botulinum toxin type A into them. This is called masseter Botox, jawline Botox, or jawline slimming treatments. These muscles help you chew and clench your teeth. If they get too strong, they can make your jawline look square or too noticeable.

For a short time, the botulinum toxin relaxes the masseter muscles, which makes them smaller and less noticeable. This makes the chin softer and more tapered, which makes the face look more balanced and proportioned. Masseter Botox is a non-invasive treatment that has little to no recovery time. This makes it a convenient choice for people who want to make small but noticeable changes to the way they look.

Enhancing Facial Proportions

Facial proportions are a big part of how lovely and beautiful someone is thought to be. According to aesthetic principles, certain proportions, such as the golden ratio, are considered ideal for facial harmony. However, not everyone naturally possesses these proportions, leading some individuals to seek cosmetic interventions to enhance their facial features.

One common concern related to facial proportions is an overly square or masculine jawline in both men and women. A square jawline can create a harsh or angular appearance, detracting from the overall symmetry and balance of the face. Masseter Botox offers a solution by reshaping the jawline to achieve a more feminine or refined contour, thereby enhancing facial proportions and improving overall aesthetics.

The Benefits Of Masseter Botox

Masseter Botox has benefits beyond just making you look better. This treatment can also help people who grind their teeth or have problems with their temporomandibular joint (TMJ) by making the masseter muscles smaller. People often have bruxism and TMJ disorders, which can lead to jaw pain, headaches, and teeth issues. Masseter Botox can help relieve tension and pain in the jaw by relaxing the masseter muscles. This makes people more comfortable and improves their quality of life.

Masseter Botox can also make you feel better about your own self-esteem and confidence. The process makes many people feel better about their looks, according to those who have had it done. A more balanced and proportionate jawline may make a person feel better about their self-confidence and general satisfaction with how they look. This boost in confidence can have a wide range of positive benefits, including making it easier to make friends, get better jobs, and enjoy life in general.

The Procedure

The Masseter Botox treatment is pretty quick and easy, and it usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes. The treatment area is cleaned up and a topical numbing cream may be put on it to make it less painful before the shots are given. After that, a fine needle is used to carefully deliver small amounts of botulinum toxin into the masseter muscles.

During the injections, patients may feel some mild pain or a pinching feeling, but the pain is usually very mild and doesn’t last long. Some people get temporary swelling or bruises at the injection sites after the treatment, but these side effects usually go away in a few days. Most people can go back to their normal routines right away after Masseter Botox treatment, which makes it a good choice for people who are always on the go.

Results And Maintenance

Masseter Botox usually starts to work one to two weeks after the treatment. This is because the muscles start to relax and the jawline starts to change shape. The full effects of the treatment generally last between 3 and 6 months. If you want to keep the results you want, you may need to get more injections.

The effects may be different for each person, and they may not last as long depending on things like the patient’s metabolism, lifestyle, and the amount of botulinum toxin used. During a consultation, a qualified provider can listen to the patient’s worries and goals, make suggestions for a personalized treatment plan, and talk about the expected results and possible risks of Masseter Botox.


Masseter Botox is a safe, effective, and minimally invasive way for people to improve the shape of their face and make their chin more balanced. This treatment works on the masseter muscles to smooth sharp features, make the face more balanced, and give patients more confidence in how they look. Masseter Botox has become a popular choice for people who want to make minor but noticeable changes to the way their faces look. It has a lot of benefits and not many risks. Talk to a skilled cosmetic provider today to find out more about Masseter Botox and decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Resolving Oklahoma Tax Challenges: How a Tax Attorney Can Help?

Individuals and small businesses are both affected by taxes. Oklahoma taxpayers frequently face a wide range of tax challenges. This includes IRS audits as well as tax disputes and debt. Navigating through the ever-changing, complex tax laws can seem overwhelming. Even small mistakes can have major consequences. Tax attorneys’ expertise can be invaluable. We will look at how Oklahoma tax attorney can play a key role in resolving complex tax problems and protecting their client’s financial interests.

Understanding a Tax Lawyer’s Role

A tax lawyer is a professional who has specialized expertise and knowledge of tax regulations and laws. Their main focus is providing legal advice, representation, and guidance to individuals or businesses facing different tax challenges. With an understanding of federal and state laws, tax attorneys can offer clients comprehensive solutions.

Oklahoma’s tax law is influenced both by state regulations and federal tax laws. This makes it important to have a tax attorney on your side.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Oklahoma tax lawyers are responsible for helping their clients devise effective tax strategies and ensuring they comply with all relevant tax laws. Tax planning entails proactively managing tax liability, maximizing deductions, credits, and exemptions, and structuring financial transactions to achieve maximum tax efficiency.

IRS Audits & Tax Disputes

Any taxpayer can feel anxious when they receive a notice about an IRS audit. An Oklahoma tax attorney is a valuable advocate and representative when clients face an IRS audit. The attorney can guide clients through audits, make sure all the necessary documentation is supplied, and handle IRS inquiries professionally.

Resolving tax Debt and Negotiating Settlements

Tax debt can quickly become a significant burden for individuals and businesses. Oklahoma tax attorneys can help you negotiate with tax authorities to find a solution.

The attorneys can offer clients options such as an OIC, Installment Agreements, or Penalty Abatement to resolve tax debt. The goal is for the taxpayers to receive relief while also fulfilling their obligations that align with their finances.

Representing Clients in Tax Court

Tax issues can sometimes escalate to the point of litigation. Oklahoma tax attorneys can represent you in state and federal tax courts. Their experience in presenting and crafting strong legal arguments helps protect clients’ rights and interests in the courtroom.

Estate Planning, Gift Taxes, and Other Matters

Oklahoma’s tax attorneys are important in assisting families and individuals in estate planning and gift-tax matters. Estate planning involves a comprehensive distribution plan of property and assets after death. Tax attorneys will help their clients minimize estate tax liability, ensuring that the wealth built over a lifetime is preserved for future generations.


Oklahoma’s tax laws are complex and require an understanding. A tax attorney can provide tailored solutions, expert advice, and legal representation for businesses and individuals facing different tax issues.

Tax attorneys protect their clients’ financial interests by offering a wide range of services, including tax planning and preparation for IRS audits. They also represent clients in tax disputes and during IRS tax disputes. Tax attorneys can help Oklahoma taxpayers navigate the complex issues of tax law confidently. They can also secure their financial future by helping them achieve favorable results.

5 Tips to Help Students with Dyslexia

Students all across the globe struggle to study, whether they are taking standardized tests or spelling or vocabulary exams at school. Students with dyslexia, especially, should be able to explore and choose the most effective study strategies. Learning strategies for dyslexia must be flexible over time. However, studying can be hard if students don’t have consistent methods. 

Below Are Five Tips for Students Struggling With Dyslexia

1. You Can Organize and Manage Your Own Time

Students must take time to learn the art and science of studying. Many people with dyslexia struggle with executive function and memory. Students must have a well-organized study area and a clear place to store school supplies. This includes a designated place for their backpack, an area for study or homework, and a homework program that is regularly completed.

2. Argument

Dyslexic students’ academic success is directly tied to their classroom experiences. Parents and students need to be involved in advocating for their children. Dyslexic students need to own their dyslexia, as well as any adjustments made when appropriate. Students should communicate with their instructors to get the tools and support they need to succeed in school. Some situations may allow dyslexic students to communicate important information with teachers via PowerPoint, email, and face–to–face conversation.

3. Be Prepared To Improve Your Studying Skills

A strong set of study skills can help students get through years of school. However, dyslexic people should expect to see their study skills evolve. As students go to school, the focus of studying shifts from analyzing and interpreting the text to synthesize and interpreting it. This could make dyslexia study more difficult. Students can enhance the skills that they have developed throughout their education. This includes handwriting notes and planning and managing time.

4. Encourage Critical Thinking

Please encourage your child to learn new thinking skills to become a more self-directed and active learners. Do your best to boost their self-esteem. Help them with school assignments and make it a habit to look into the topic. It is vital to pay attention and give your point of view to motivate them.

5. If Possible, Aid Them in Reading

Most dyslexics have trouble reading, so it is vital to help them. They can listen to audiobooks and follow along as they read. Encourage them, both silently and aloud, to read on their own. It will also help those reread books they enjoy and learn about topics that interest them.

The Factors That Lead To Dyslexia among Children

Like other learning disorders, dyslexia does not usually result from one thing. Many complex factors often cause it. The more dyslexia is studied by educators, the more complex it becomes. Experts have narrowed down some key factors, though more research is still needed.

Is dyslexia an inheritable or genetic condition? Dyslexia can be genetic. But the exact relationship between dyslexia and our genes remains a mystery. Dyslexia can run through families, so clinicians will often ask students about any family members who have been diagnosed. Researchers have not yet been able to identify a particular gene or set. It is not common for people with dyslexia to have a family history.


Suppose the child is provided extra care during their first stages, like CA. It can help children improve their reading skills and make them more successful in school and high school. If you are looking for the best dyslexia schools near me, you will be able to help your child overcome it.

Tips To Help You Buy The Right Eliquid

If you are reading this, then it is likely that you have chosen healthy nicotine intake. If you’re already familiar with vaping, you might be curious about what kind of vape juice and e-liquid you should choose. Stay calm if this is the case. This blog will give you all you need to get the right e-liquid.

Let’s move on to the tips and tricks that will assist in selecting the best Eliquid.

Here you go:

Flavour Matters First

Bad taste is the number one reason that people quit smoking. It is only natural that you prioritise the flavour and aroma of the e-liquid.

Many different flavours are available, and you can choose which one you like best. Make sure the flavour you choose has been tested and approved by the FDA.

It’s easy to become confused by so many flavours that you end up with the wrong flavour. Research is a good idea to avoid this. Ask around. If you know anyone who uses a vape, listen to their opinions.

You Should Be Aware Of the Nicotine Concentration

The best thing about vaping is your ability to select the nicotine content. You may find it helps you quit smoking. This is why you should ensure that you buy the correct concentration of vape juice from vape shops.

You will be able to choose the right nicotine level and have complete control of your nicotine intake. It is not a good idea to be worried about becoming a nicotine addict. Choose vape kits with a low nicotine concentration to reduce your nicotine intake.

The PG/VG Riddle

The main ingredient (also known as the base) of an e-juice can be either Propylene Glycol / (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol. The fundamental difference between these bases is that PG imparts more flavour, and VG adds a subtly sweet flavour that slightly mutes it.

Your personal preference will dictate the final choice. Vaping can be confusing for beginners. If you have never tried vaping before, it is possible not to tell the difference. However, PG allows you to taste the liquid’s flavour.

It is crucial to be aware that PG can cause allergic reactions in some people. If you wish to try PG, ensure you are not allergic.

Mix It Up but Be Sure First To Test It

Some people love to experiment when it comes to vaping juices. Mixing your flavours allows you to experiment with new flavours that are not readily available. You should first test any e-liquids you create.

This means you must mix a minimal amount and test it before mixing the entire batch. This will allow you to save money on the flavours you do not like.

Safety of Device

Different types and brands of vape juice have different effects. Make sure you do thorough research on your device and the juice you’re going to purchase. This will allow you to prevent damage to your device caused by the juice.

Value for Money

It is important to ensure that you are getting value for money when you purchase juice. This means you should only pay a little for something that doesn’t provide the value you want.

If you only purchase the e-liquid directly from the manufacturer, this will help to make sure everything is clear. This is because you can rest assured that the quality of the e-liquid is top-notch and will not harm your device.



Top Benefits Of Utilizing Rehabilitation Facilities

Any addiction treatment institution that provides therapy for drug and alcohol addiction is referred to in this sense as a “rehab facility.” Patients’ access to rehabilitation facilities is not subject to any rigorous limitations. Additionally, several groups are working toward the objective of offering low-income patients who check into rehabilitation centers free care. Rehabilitation centers offer assistance to people from all socioeconomic levels and address all types of dependence. Participating in rehabilitation programs has several advantages. The following are some of these advantages:

Secure Setting

Rehabilitation facilities frequently have natural features incorporated into their environs, which are safe and secure. These rehabilitation centers also have areas with vegetation, clean air, and other factors that are critical for the healing of patients with a variety of disorders. Almost all addicts have a similar mentality. To treat these patients, several doctors will need to work together. This facility may be used by those receiving treatment at local rehabilitation facilities. The ability to do this is a core asset of rehabilitation facilities.


At a rehabilitation center, the patient’s daily activities can get more attention, which is a huge advantage. Addiction patients claim that these facilities provide the finest quality treatment since they handle all of their needs, including eating, sleeping, and waking up. The method of rehabilitation can help patients develop their physical endurance. They are given medication to help them along with advice to desist from partaking in their addictive activity and to quit thinking about it. To achieve this goal, the group also collaborates with the broader public. In addition, medical care is given to the populace.


Many addicts don’t want others to know they have a problem because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. As a result, when these individuals check into rehabilitation facilities, they ask that only family members and close friends be permitted to meet them. They get what they want from the facilities. The business offers assistance and deals with some of its problems. The work done at these institutions can be advantageous to people’s mental and physical health. These clinics provide care for their patients in a way that quickly gives them the impression that they are in good physical health. Their most important competitive advantage is the fact that these establishments manage people in various ways by adopting their behaviors.


One of the most important advantages offered by these rehab facilities is that patients can make quick progress in their recovery and go home after their therapy is finished. Here, visitors are given access to amenities and a setting that is reminiscent of a home. The presence of stunning natural elements in the area allows people to feel at ease in nature at the same time. One of the main benefits of these programs is that patients leave these rehabilitation centers feeling strong and independent rather than starving and dependent.

How To Overcome Depression

Patients that visit rehab clinics have all of their stress eliminated, and as a result, they leave the treatment feeling joyful and energized. This is merely one of the many advantages that recovery centers provide. No matter how many issues a patient had before starting therapy, after finishing it, they will feel calmer both mentally and physically. This is a crucial element of these rehabilitation facilities. A person’s mental health will start to get better after a while at one of these rehabilitation facilities. We are steadily losing the irritation that is part of our character.

Reduce The Demand For Compulsive Behavior

These clinics are unique in that they treat patients’ addictions at a lower degree than other facilities of a similar nature. People initially experience issues, but as a result of the ongoing counseling and therapy offered by these facilities, people’s addiction patterns eventually start to disappear. People initially have issues, but with the assistance of these facilities, they eventually disappear. Additionally, a person’s addiction can vanish altogether at some point in the future.

Final Words

After reading the aforementioned advantages of detoxification programs provided by different drug rehabilitation centers, if you’re interested or intrigued to learn more about the other factors, you can visit here https://horizonservices.org/. and don’t hesitate to get in touch with specialists.

Sex Toys 101: What To Look For When Purchasing A Sex Toy?

Congratulations on your decision to purchase your first sex toy! Before you go to your local boutique or start perusing the Wild West of internet sex toy stores, here’s a checklist of things to think about before you buy. We don’t intend to be annoying, but just as you wouldn’t buy a car without understanding what to look for, don’t grab your cash if you haven’t decided what you’ll be using on your body! Ladies and gentlemen, being a geek and completing your homework is always hot in this situation…

This is our shopping list for whenever we want to try something new. Some of these considerations may be more essential to you than others, but we will never compromise on body-safe materials or purchasing from recognized companies.

  1. Who Uses It?

However, certain pleasure aids are better suited for pair play or by your spouse. This implies that your first inquiry should be, “Will I want to enjoy using this toy by myself, with my partner, or only for them?” Sexual pleasure is about reciprocal giving and receiving, so don’t be shy about asking your partner for their ideas and being open to exploring their enjoyment as well.

  1. The Kind Of Pleasure You Desire

This may sound like the opening line of a quest game, and to some extent, it is. We feel that sex is better when it is less serious where it counts: fun, discovery, and (un)learning what your body loves. Our life experiences affect our likes and preferences, so don’t feel bad about searching out the same information in your sex life!

Although some vaginal owners like penetrative stimulation, the vast majority of women can only climax with clitoral (external) stimulation.

Once you’ve determined whatever sensations and stimulation you favor, consider the following sorts of Bliss Vixen toys:

  • Internal: These sex toys are used for vaginal and/or anal penetration, as the name implies. (For example, Dildos, rabbit vibrators, G-spot vibrators, anal beads and plugs, and so forth.)
  • External: These toys are mostly used for clitoris stimulation (e.g., vibrators, clitoral stimulators), but they also contain devices for penis owners (e.g. fleshlights, texture strokers, cock rings).

Have you read or watched Fifty Shades of Grey? While we do not condone the plot or real sex in the novel, for many, it was their first introduction to the worlds of Bondage & Discipline, Domination & Submission, and Sadism & Masochism (BDSM). The following toys may fall under this category, although we advocate trying them out to bring new sensations and possible roleplay:

  • Impact Play: If you prefer being slapped on the buttocks, you’ll probably enjoy an impact play toy. They include floggers, whips, and paddles. While these may seem like objects from a medieval dungeon, there are beginner-friendly alternatives, and remember to have a trustworthy companion and have a clear dialogue about soft and hard limits before investigating.
  • Sensory Play: When you think about it, we’re all walking nerves connecting to pain and pleasure sites. So the enjoyment doesn’t have to be restricted to the genitals. There are sex toys for the obvious erogenous body regions, such as nipple clamps, but there are also metal pinwheels, feather ticklers, and similar items used for pleasure on persons with delicate skin. They are quite fortunate! You don’t have to go to the toy store for sensory play since you can make do with safe ordinary things.
  1. Materials And Longevity

This may appear to be the dullest section of the lesson, but there is a reason why you should always verify the materials. Unfortunately, the sex toy market is still unregulated, so with such a lucrative honeypot, producers may pass them off as “novelty goods” to escape costly testing and frequently employ cheap dangerous materials.

A solid rule of thumb is to avoid buying from market locations that offer brandless toys, especially if you can’t find out anything more about them, such as their production and origins. Then seek descriptors such as body-friendly or non-porous medical-grade materials. Non-porous materials are vital since you want to be able to fully sterilize the toy.

Tips To Grow The Perfect Vegetable Garden

For many reasons, food gardening is now the most popular trend in home gardening. Many people are looking for ways to cut down on their grocery costs. Growing your food can help you save a lot more than buying groceries. We want to be sure that the food we eat is healthy. The best thing about homegrown food is that it tastes better than any food you can buy in the supermarket.

You’re likely to be like 21 million Americans who are starting their first vegetable garden. Here are some tried-and-true tips that will help you succeed. Even the most seasoned gardeners don’t mind being reminded of the essential steps to a successful garden. It’s easy to plant a veggie garden at home. You’ll be enjoying the fruits of all your hard work in no time if you follow these simple steps.

Be In The Proper Location Is Crucial

Vegetable plants thrive in full sunlight. If possible, find a place that receives at least six hours of sun each day. To ensure that your plants get the maximum sun exposure, you should place pole beans, corn, indeterminate tomatoes, or pole beans to the west or north side of the house. This will allow them to not shade the smaller plants.

It All Comes Down To The Soil

A lot of compost and organic matter is essential to create the best soil for vegetable garden. This includes composted leaves, ground or shredded bark, and aged bark. No matter what soil you are using, make sure that there is enough organic material to ensure that your amended soil is not too sandy or compacted. The mix will hold together well when squeezed but it will separate easily if disturbed. This soil is rich in microorganisms, which help to feed your plants. The soil won’t be saturated by water, but it will retain enough water.

Use Water Wisely

One inch of water per week is sufficient for most vegetable plants. This includes natural rains. Drip lines and soaker hoses are the most effective and productive ways to irrigate. These drip lines deliver water slowly and on target, allowing roots to absorb moisture and soil to properly hydrate. The growth of diseases can be promoted by prolonged exposure to wet leaves. Automated timers make it easy to automate this important step.

Pest Control Requires Patience

While pests are a problem in vegetable gardens, they can be managed if you have patience. Only 3% of the pests in your garden are harmful. If you follow the steps, you have already taken the necessary measures to encourage healthy plants that are more resistant to pest invasions.

Use insecticides responsibly if you have to. This means that you should only use insecticides late at night or in the morning, and only then when necessary. Pesticides should not be applied in the morning when beneficial insects and pollinators are at their most active. You’ll most likely also kill them. It is better to avoid using chemicals in food gardens. Instead, you should focus on healthy plants that thrive in sunny and fertile soil conditions. Let nature do the rest. 

Don’t Over-Fertilize

Too much fertilizer, particularly nitrogen (the first number in the fertilizer package), can encourage lush green growth but less fruit and smaller harvests. Your plants and soil can be affected if you use too much fertilizer. You should instead add organic compost to as much soil as you can, at least 20%. You’ll provide your plants with all the nutrients they require to thrive. The soil should be fed and the soil should feed the plants.

You can get your garden started right by following the above tips given to you. This will help you set it up for a productive season. Fresh food tastes better than what you can buy at the grocery store. What could be more satisfying than this?